20150511 lineas actuacionYes, we made a mistake. The distance between the aid stations of El Reventón and Pico de la Cruz was greater that we said it was on our information panels (around 4.5 Km longer). The first thing we did was to acknowledge the problem and apologize, but now it's time to move on. This is what we intend to do.


A new track and waypoint list (routometer)


In our view, that's the root of all our troubles. By mixing the different distance calculation methods (with and without considering the vertical, using one reference grid or the other…), we've caused a great deal of confusion. So we will be focusing on producing from scratch a new track and a new waypoint list, which will be hopefully be the definitive.


Aid stations


The decisions regarding the number and the kind of aid stations are both complex and multifactorial. We need to evaluate the convenience of every location in terms of logistics, sports, safety, etc. We cannot and should not take them lightly. Simply restoring the now defunct Pico de la Nieve aid station is not an option, as it'd take back to the congestion problems suffered in 2014. And being a protected area (Las Nieves Natural Park) we can't broaden neither the platform nor the accesses. Having said so, we are committed to find a solution before 2016.




As soon as we have them, we will be publishing all the safety and emergency incidents that we attended in 2015. We want to be absolutely transparent, so that everyone can make up their minds. We will report the overall amount of DNFs and the stage where they happened. Additionally, we will report on the cause and the type of incidents we had to deal with. All that will be published in our website and on Transvulcania social channels.


More and better information


We want to make this clear: our mistake was one of information, not one of supplies. In other words, there was no shortage of water in any of the aid stations. That's why we intend to work specifically on our information channels. In the near future we will be publishing a new website and a new booking system, which we hope will make things better for prospective runners.


Last, but certainly not least, we want to make perfectly clear that we appreciate and encourage every opinion (including constructive criticism). With the help of everyone, we strive to have an even better Transvulcania in 2016.

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