The SALOMON Transvulcania NatureTrails is a contest that consists of several events: Ultramarathon (83 km), Marathon (41,7 km), Half Marathon (26 km), and Transvulcania KIDS and Transvulcania JUNIOR. The physiotherapy service is intended exclusively for the participants of the Marathon, Half Marathon and Ultramarathon.

The start of both contests will occur in Fuencaliente Lighthouse at 6:00 and 6:30 am respectively, as some 2,000 participants begin their races. The first physiotherapy service station will be at El Pilar Refuge. We estimate that the first runner will arrive there at about 8.00 am after running 26 km. This is the finishing line for approximately 500 runners of the Half Marathon. The race will continue for the Ultramarathon participants to Los Llanos where the estimated arrival of the first participant is around 1 pm. The second physiotherapy station will be at the finishing post at Los Llanos, for some 1,500 participants.

More than 20 physiotherapists will be in attendance to serve and care for all the runners once as they arrive at their finishing lines, whether at El Pilar Refuge or Los Llanos, to give the physiotherapy service necessary for proper physical recovery.


The presence of the physiotherapists in the contest is due to the partnership agreement signed between the Council of La Palma and the College of Physiotherapists of Canarias (COFC). The goal is to provide more than basic assistance to participants of SALOMON Transvulcania NatureTrails, so that the physiotherapists will offer more than a simple recovery massage service, with several stations offering different physiotherapy techniques.


The finish line of El Pilar is situated in mountainous terrain so the physiotherapy station here will have to work under rather unusual conditions:

  • This finish line will be ready for runners from 8 am to 2 pm.
  • The Marathon and Half Marathon runners will only be served at their own COFC stand located in El Pilar, not the one in Los Llanos, which is reserved for Ultramarathon runners.
  • A large stretching area will be prepared, so that the runners will have space to stretch thoroughly, and most runners are expected to leave the station after stretching.
  • Once participants have finished stretching, they may collected a number to receive massages and other recovery therapies.



The physiotherapy station at Los Llanos is located in the main town square, just across the finish line of the Ultramarathon, and has the following characteristics:

  • This finish line will be ready for runners from 12.00 to 24.00 on the day the race takes place. –
  • Provided that the runner has only symptoms which are normal after this type of sporting events, the circuit will work, as follows:

1.- Evaluation - Cleaning.

2.- Pools (Cryotherapy).

3.- Stretching.

4.- Massage - Kinesiotaping - Electrotherapy.

5.- Evaluation - Data collection.

Once the last runner of the day has arrived at the finishing line (remember that this will close at 2400 hours on May 11) and and has been attended to by the contest's Department of Physiotherapy , the service may be considered completed, and both the physiotherapists and the participants may consider the Transvulcania SALOMON NatureTrails race over.